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Title: Looking for a few opinions
Post by: xzallion on April 21, 2006, 11:38:26 AM
I have had an idea for a campaign world for about three months now, and would like some opinions on it.  Here is a link covering the concept and my vision for it.

What I'm wanting to know is, is anyone interested in a campaign world like this, and do you think it is acheivable.  Any other comments would be welcome.

I don't have much experience outside of D&D 2nd and 3rd Edition, so its kinda built around that gamestyle right now.  Im looking into other fantasy role playing systems to build it around currently, so if anyone knows of any good fantasy role play rule systems that are well developed that would fit this campaign world, please suggest those too.  Thanks.

Title: Re: Looking for a few opinions
Post by: Anders Larsen on April 22, 2006, 04:29:37 AM
I can see the interesting idea in having the game take place under sea. But the question is why. What kind of gaming experience do you want out of this? How will an undersea world make this game special, other than just being a backdrop for the adventur.

I am not asking this because I think you should drop the idea, but because you haven't really explained anything about the undersea world. On the other hand, you seems to have a lot of material for a game on land; so much that it is hard to see it as just an "wondrous mysterious place". One thing you may consider, is for the character to be able to travel both on land and under sea.

But I would like to hear more about the undersea world. What is it you want to achieve with this setting?

An other systems you can take a look at The Shadow of Yesterday (, it is fairly easy to adept to other settings, and it is released under a Creative Common license.

 - Anders

Title: Re: Looking for a few opinions
Post by: xzallion on April 22, 2006, 09:59:19 AM
The gaming experience I want is kinda complicated.  Basically im trying to make a fantasy world thats actually three worlds in itself.  Between land, sea, and inside the earth.  I want to make each one strikingly different from the others, and so isolated that players really have to be adventurous/suicidal to try to visit one of the others.  The reason for alot of on land detail and very little under water detail is that Im alot more familiar with land based fantasy rpg's, and haven't had a chance to sit down and really develop the underwater beyond its concept.  I really want the undersea to shine, since its different from land and underdark, and new to the D&D setting im familiar with, and at the same time gives alot of oportunities.  What I want to achieve basically is for players to be able to portray creatures in a alien world, because underwater is almost as alien as outer space, especially in a fantasy rpg.   To look at the world from another viewpoint.  Also I always wondered what it would be like to play a sea elf or merfolk, and that would require a underwater setting.  I just want to open up alot of new things.  I realize this is sorta vague, but its hard to explain beyond "I thought it would be really cool and wanted to try it.".  I'm sorta hoping other people wanted to play underwater creatures too, and hoping this campaign world would give them a chance to do that, as well as leave the other two (land and underdark) open to play now and then.

I kinda had to hurry this post, I will come back later and try to explain more.  Thanks for commenting on this, and I will give the shadow of yesterday a look.

Title: Re: Looking for a few opinions
Post by: Anders Larsen on April 25, 2006, 12:58:17 AM
You should properly focus on only one aspect of the setting, at least to start with. If you see the undersea world as being the most interesting, then use your time to develop that. Actually, if you describe the land and the inside earth part of the setting too much, it will take the spotlight away from the undersea part.

On the question if I think this is an interesting setting, I will give an "yes, but..." answer.

I have never tried to play a creature undersea, so it will be interesting to try. But if this only lead to standard adventures that could just as well taken place on land, I am not sure it is a setting I would go back to.

So I would suggest that you find something that is really unique for gaming undersea, and develop the setting around that. A place you could start is thinking about the undersea creatures. What are their goals? What do they do that could be interesting in a game? how do they interact with each other and the people on land?

 - Anders