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Title: [Divinity] "Seeds of Play" idea
Post by: sean2099 on April 24, 2006, 06:18:18 PM
Hi all,

While waiting on playtesters, I had an idea for a free PDF for my game Divinity.

Without going into too much detail and making this thread even longer.... Seeds of Play would X number of one page ideas for settings for my game, Divinity. The game has freeform rules and a universal setting. Players are gods/goddesses types.

Misc. I use the abbv. gp for glory points (which fuel their powers) and rp for roleplay.

An example of a 'seed':

Seed Name: Collective Consciousness

Dimension: Mortal Plane

Time: Intermediate Future

Themes: Knowledge vs. Faith, Loss of ‘Wonder’, connecting to the past.

Circumstances: Mortals have achieved the ability to travel faster than light via spaceships. They have colonized planets in far-away solar systems. A machine collective has come from another dimension and has started invading planets. They have god-like powers, incorporating entire worlds into their collective. Mortals captured lose their free will and help the Machine Lords continue to conquer. There have been reports of some planets being able to fight off these invaders due to the help of other powerful beings.

Area: Universe-Wide, potentially inter-dimensional.

Challenges: Playing heartless members (Machine Lords or captives) of a hive consciousness may or may not be hard to RP, depending on the group. Mortals have believed in science, at least until the invasions began. The glory harvest for mortals seeking religion will possibly attract rivals other than the Machine Lords. A few Mortals may or may not have created machines of their own that rival both the Machine Lords and the player’s pantheon or group. Mortals have less need for mentors than Mortals in other areas/times.

Opportunities: Mortals will seek out ways to cope with the invasion, including believing or being a part of a religion. A large harvest of glory points is available to those able to protect their mortals and provide them with comforting miracles of one form or another.

Role-Playing Ideas: Two or more sides are possible. One side or aspect of this setting to play is the Machine Lords. The other side(s) is the beings fighting against the Machine Lords. It is always possible to RP mortals while playing either side. It is possible to RP Mortals that have created machines that rival the invaders or protectors.

Rule Variants: For the Machine Lords, captured mortals provide one gp per year, even though they have been stripped of their free will. Machine Lords can sacrifice their mortals, gaining 2 gps.

NPCs: “Average” Machine Lord:
Transformation 7, Spatial 8, Destruction 5, Battle 5, Knowledge 7

Skills/Lores: None(use Knowledge power for “omni” skills.)

Starting Glory Points (machine lord): 100000

Any comments, thoughts, suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Title: Re: [Divinity] "Seeds of Play" idea
Post by: sean2099 on April 28, 2006, 07:34:39 PM
Let me refine the question/example a bit.  What literary themes could be drawn from writing about certain periods of history or alternative dimensions?  For instance, if I wanted to write up a page on bronze age, what themes could I choose?

Hope this makes things clearer