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Title: [Burning Empires] Inspiration on Crack
Post by: eruditus on September 05, 2006, 09:14:40 AM
Okay so I am on page 352 and chugging away.

My god this game is cool!  It is almost overwhelming the sheer amount of possibilities that I think of when playing this game.  It is definately going to be a BE Winter.

First up will be a western game BE style.  We're burning a low index world to keep the galactic politics out of the equation and so we can better focus on the game at hand - Infection!

That being said I want to point out a few little details that I particularly admired...
1)  I love the "I Corner Him and Stab Him in the Face" rules.  It feels right in this game.  Normally I would have said "well, damn it's already a deadly system.  Isn't this going to let a lot of air out of a campaign?  However, let me say I can already see that a lot is going on here.  I think the players will find this brutal combat very satisfying especially after experiencing the Firefight rules and Duel of Wits.  I really like the perspective where this big sci-fi epic makes some dirty knife fight about the drama.  It's more personal, somehow.  We'll see once I play it out, no doubt.

2)  I was really taken back (awed in a good way) on how much of the game revolves around circles and social interaction.  It's quite a shift for many games, I believe, to have a game that focuses on who you know.  A overwhelming number of traits give reputations and affiliations.  It really makes the players think more about bringing in other parties and involving groups in your conflicts.  I mean the meat of this game is about saving the world, right?

3)  The first ugly combo I spy is a Mukhadish Brute (Born Wild, Manhunter x2, Brute x2).  It starts with 6 points for mental stats and 26 points in physical stats - 5/5/8/8! and the Brute trait which says that you ignore die penalties on mental stats for the purpose of incapacitation.  WOW.  Now, sure I saw this on trolls and such but still, now you need five die penalties to knock this monster down?  When my PCs see a Muhkadish I have no doubt they will run or kill it from the distance.  LOL  may I remind my kind audience of the "low index" world we're starting with?  teehee.

Title: Burning Empires Inspiration on Crack
Post by: N.riweeni on September 22, 2009, 06:07:03 PM
I have a huge feeling that this game will either be really good, or really bad. It wont be one of those in between games in my opinion. Personally, I hope it ends up being really good. I wanna play a pirate :p