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Title: SOTC-Critters
Post by: AXUM on September 11, 2008, 04:37:55 PM

1.If I'd want to set up a conflict between dangerous animals/beasts (akin to dinosuars, smilodons, bengal tigers, dragons, crocs, etc) & the PCs, would you recommend building the animals like Main/Named Characters (5 stress boxes, depending on the beasties) or as minions of Average, Fair & Good quality? 

2.Should critters possess stunts?

Da' Ax

Title: Re: SOTC-Critters
Post by: iago on September 12, 2008, 04:20:19 AM
Lots of animals at one time, I'd probably reach for the minion rules for all but one or two of them.

For building a small number of formidable beast opponents, treating them just like characters is the way to go.

(That said, in Spirit of the Season, there's a villain who has several animals as companions -- also worth thinking about.)