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Title: [Annalise] Voyage of the Auspicious
Post by: Nathan P. on May 27, 2009, 02:32:01 PM
The first mini-supplement for Annalise, The Voyage of the Auspicious, is now available. You can download the 2-page, 1.3 MB file here (

Guided Play Scenarios are short supplements that give the group an established setting, situation and cast of characters with which to play a game of Annalise. They are intended mostly for one-shot, introductory or convention play, but are also suitable for a longer-term game, depending the groups level of investment in the material.

The Voyage of the Auspicious takes place on board the Auspicious, an East India Company vessel sailing home from Calcutta, 1798. The ship has been rebuilt from a catastrophic fire, and the crew is ill at ease. What else has come on board with the cargo? What fate will befall you on the high seas? 

Featuring a new, original piece of Jennifer Rodgers art, as well.