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Title: [The Farmer's Epic] Random Aspects
Post by: MacLeod on September 11, 2009, 06:10:04 PM
With very few responses in my other thread, I have decided to scratch a different itch.

This topic here is based on a thread over at ( I started. The thread revolves around the search for a medieval fantasy game that can do what I call the Farmer's Epic. I'm not sure if an actual term exists for this but... essentially, a Farmer's Epic is about mundane characters (farmers, fishermen, shepherds, etc...) getting involved in epic adventures and eventually growing into heroic bad asses. Because of destiny... or... just because.

The best way to get an idea of what I am talking about is to imagine stretching out D&D's Level 0 before finally progressing through the first 10 or so levels.

I've decided that none of the options presented to me were really good enough... so I'm pounding out some basic ideas for what I think would make this sort of game happen.

The part I need help on is the Aspects. Its a table for generating little random bits of extra gameplay details. Each character will have two Aspects. I'm looking to create 36 Aspects and I have 24 as of right now...

Big, Small
Sexy, Scary
Destined, Doomed      
Bloody Past, Noble Blood
Light Kin, Dark Kin
Amnesiac, Fate-Forged
Daring, Cautious
Paranoid, Trusting
Greedy, Generous   
Violent, Passive
Friendly, Loner
Brave, Cowardly

Each one has an affect on gameplay in one way or another.

The personality related Aspects towards the bottom are defined further when rolled. For instance, your Violent Aspect may only manifest when children aren't around.
Personality Aspects are either roleplayed or triggered. When triggered, the player may choose to roleplay it correctly or make a check and be required to roleplay properly.

Okay, so basically I am looking for suggestions on adding new Aspects. If there are any questions about existing Aspects, feel free to ask. I know that some of them don't seem like they would match up too well with mundane characters but those (Dark/Light Kin) are hidden Aspects that come out as the characters progresses through his story.