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Title: Interstate 76 like RPG
Post by: lwhitehead on October 02, 2009, 11:41:51 PM
 Hi I want to create an alt history RPG inspired by the Win PC game Interstate 76 and Vigilante 8 series as well.

 Now it's 1976 and the Oil Crisis is still going strong, and American West is suffering for Gas and Oil products shortages, if it wasn't for the AVA most of these places would have dried up.

  Now OPEC are the big bad guys in this setting, due to the fact that the Yom Kippur War is stilling on that's what I got from the headlines flashing during the Nitro pack install.

  OPEC was suffered a coup from a cabal of Pro Arab members which took control of OPEC and the oil prices as well, like good masterminds they don't dirty there own hands. They fund through middle groups auto based criminals and radical groups like A.I.M, the Weathermen, and Earthfirst.

The Alaskan pipeline is this world hasn't bin built due to the simple fact that OPEC doesn't want to be built, in our world it was built to get at the Oil in Alaska.

The AVA are the good guys the official title is Auto Vigilante Assocation, a grass roots group and gut reactions to rising auto base crime in the West and given the fact that the Law is mostly in the West and East coast cities in the West there thinly spread and corupt. So they armed there autos to fight the armed auto criminals,


Title: Re: Interstate 76 like RPG
Post by: lwhitehead on October 03, 2009, 10:12:49 PM
 I need help with this setting and background please let me know,