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Title: Coming in 2003 from Seraphim Guard
Post by: Michael Hopcroft on December 27, 2002, 06:59:25 PM
Coming in 2003 from Seraphim Guard

Fuzz: the Furry Police RPG

See the Fuzz webpage for more information on this new game coming in late 2003. ON a world like Earth, in a time not entirely unlike our own, animals rule the Earth! Fuzz is a game of anthropomorphic cops and robbers, with player-characters representing the police department of the City by the Bay or being crooks trying to commit spectacular misdeeds without being foiled. Using Gold Rush game’s exciting new Action! System, Fuzz offers exciting action, high drama, and surprising humor.

New releases for HeartQuest

Ghost Tamer Miyaki: the Sourcebook

After fifteen years, the Demon King has awakened from his slumber and is ready to obliterate Hope from the human heart. Standing against him and his legions of Troubled Dead is Miyaki Kajoshiro, daughter of the mystic and swordsman who imprisoned him fifteen years ago. She has been imbued with the power to tame the spirits of the Troubled Dead, but will her power and courage be enough to save the world? From the pages of the HeartQuest core rules, the Ghost Tamer Miyaki campaign comes to life with new characters, more detailed settings, and deadly surprises.

Closet of Broken Dreams

From by Douglas Larke, author of Musical Mistresses, comes a new dark magic girl campaign.

Aki is a super heroine with super powers.  She protects the weak from the strong.

Think this is your normal super heroine game, think again. Aki comes from a very painful childhood from an evil orphanage.

As the girls were growing up in the orphanage...the method of punishment for disobediance (or rather..invented disobediance), was to yell at the little girl until she broke down horrible in tears, calling her everything in the sun, then locking her in a tobacco closet for 24 hours (they also played monster tapes through a hole leading to the office)

Oh..and if some one was friends of said victim, they would be made to stand and watch, unable to do anything but cry as they watched this happen.

Aki's idea of villains is anyone who makes anyone cry. While this is usually criminals, she doesn't differentiate between crimes, if someone cries, its the same to her.

And she has problems.

Her childhood friend, Saori, is a villainess at large, with almost the same powers, and she thinks any adult is evil, and determined to rid the world of them, once and for all.

Then...theres Mr. Warui, the owner of her old orphangage, who wants to end both of their careers, for reasons only HE knows of.

Aki's fighting for her friends, life, and sanity, and it's not getting any better...

Hisakawa Oto is the young son of the Police Chief for the city, and after a close encounter with Aki's heroine  form, he's convinced there is a bigger story underneath what the papers say...and he's determined to find it.

But can he unravel this mystery in time to save Aki from  her destiny with disaster?

Cherry Blossoms

From HeartQuest chief designer Michael Hopcroft, Andrew Martin and others

The ultimate war machine has been developed – giant, humanoid mecha. There are only two snags. The first is that only women and girls can pilot the new machines. The second is that the aliens who have been observing Earth for centuries see the new technology as a threat – and have gone to war to destroy it!

Cherry Blossoms includes the complete mecha rules for HeartQuest and a dynamic, romantic campaign background in which the heroines must balance their hopes and dreams with the grim reality of war. Does the mysterious enemy foreshadow an even darker threat to Humanity’s survival?