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Title: Kevin & Kell
Post by: Michael Hopcroft on February 06, 2003, 01:29:19 AM
Seraphim Guard is sponsoring the february 25th, 2003 strip of Bill Holbrook's popular online comic Kevin & Kell.

Kevin & Kell is the story of a rabbit who married a wolf in a world where predation is commonplace. Kevin Dewclaw runs the ISP Harelink out of his treehouse home. His wife Kell is a top hunter for Herdthinners Inc., a ruthless corporation that measures its financial success in dead herbivores. The family is rounded out by Kevin;s adopted hedgehog daughtger Lindesfarne, Kell's son Rudy from a previoous marriage, and kevin & Kell's infant daughter -- a carnivorous rabbit named Coney.

Holbrook is responsible for the syndicated newspaper strips On the Fasttrack and Safe Havens, so maybe you've seen his work. You can check out Kevin & Kell at

This is one of my favorite comics, one of my major inspirations, and Holbrook is supportive of the Internet. The sponsorship of the February 25th strip will include a link to Seraphim Guard's website.

Title: Not a bumpup!
Post by: Michael Hopcroft on March 26, 2003, 10:07:06 PM
I don;t know (and wasn;t able to track) if it was a commercial success, but sponsoring Kevin & Kell felt so right we're doing it again.

Seraphim Guard is sponsoring the online comic strip on Saturday, May 10. YOu can sponsor it for a day too -- it only costs $5 and includes a link to your website at no additional charge for one day.