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Title: Swamped = Next Issue?
Post by: Nathan on August 31, 2001, 12:38:00 PM
Hello friends & readers.

Due to my terrible case of "work", I have not been able to get much work done in the past couple of weeks on the site. Alas, today has been more of the same. This is the first chance I have gotten since 8 AM to even poke around on my computer. I hope that tonight I will have a few hours to exert on this whole business.

What is keeping me busy? Renovation + new computers. I work at a computer lab and we just received, earlier this week, 16 G4 Macs (which of course kick ass) and 15 Dell PCs (which are okay). Add to that the fact that the lab has been going through major electrical renovations -- I didn't have a computer all of last week. It is an exciting time here - lots to do, lots more to do.

Thanks for hanging in there - tonight, I pray a new issue shall crawl from the murky depths and bare its fangs to all!

Until then,

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Title: Swamped = Next Issue?
Post by: Darn Fun Games on September 03, 2001, 09:13:00 AM
So any idea when we can expect to see an update yet? :smile: