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Title: Another Idea
Post by: Jan_Schattling on November 12, 2003, 01:35:48 PM
I like LF very much but i am not sure if it ist suitable for every one so i thought about the combination of two games.

In germany we got a game which is called "Plüsch, Power & Plunder".
In this Game you play Toys which got to get along with the normal human world without being spottet by adults.
I think there might be an equivalent in english called "Fuzzy Heroes" but i think ist is not as good as the german version.

So i decided to combine these two games and let the Toys be the heros in my game. These Toys have to fight against the Forces of Closetland to save their children.

Its another perspecive of this game and might be better for players which have bad memories about their childhood because it dont touches them too deep.
I tried it out and it worked very well.

I would like to read your opinion about this.