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Non-indie rpgs

Started by Thomas Tamblyn, April 05, 2003, 03:50:45 PM

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Shreyas Sampat

I hear Engel's Arkana system is neat; I'll talk to my German friend about it sometime.

I really want to play Nobilis and Exalted and The Mechanical Dream.  I'm a big sucker for big settings and big people.  I think in bold.

I want to get my hands on Swords of the Middle Kingdom.

John Kim

OK, I'll throw in my lot for Champions as well as my all-time favorite game of any sort.  Runners-up are Buffy and Ars Magica.  

There are many games which kind of look interesting to me, but really I'm totally mystified at anyone who would put a game they haven't played as a favorite.
- John


Wahoo!  Since we're unmoderated, I get to blow the little razzer at you, John.  This is a thread from last year.  
Chris Lehrich