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Starting A Local Role-Playing Club -- Need Advice

Started by Roy, May 09, 2004, 02:21:40 AM

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Ron Edwards



Quote from: MalechiHrmmm an interesting prospect. What you're talking about then is some kind of hybrid between the lets say a distributed club where people play at home but are still members, and the centralised club where people play at the club itself. Indeed we had many members who'd come and play for six months and then leave with a group they'd met at the club to play at home. They'd still come and reregister as members and come to all our events etc. How to encourage this? hrmmmm in our case it was something that just happened.

That's pretty close to what I'm going for.  I want the club itself to be a gathering of role-players in the area, a nexus that supports the role-playing community and helps people build functional gaming groups.  


Thanks for the links.  They were both very helpful.  I'd appreciate your personal take on the Starting A Local Role-Playing Club -- Goals and Methods thread.  Am I approaching it in a feasible way?  Can you see any holes or incorrect assumptions?