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Lookin' for all the wrong places?

Started by Sean, May 19, 2004, 12:39:25 AM

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Callan S.

Jeez. In the spirit of being human, the player could have initiated a chat with the GM to begin with. Likely he doesn't do so because he just plays the way he wants in game and hasn't thought about it. And your not likely to get any real responce out of him because it'd require a deep think and there's no reward for that. And the posters direct exposure to it hasn't answered this questions. So coming here isn't a bad step.

But back to my first point. Unless its likely the player would ever approach the poster first to talk about things, its not harmful to ask for support from neutral individuals, whom it wont hurt the situation if you ask them.
Philosopher Gamer


Wow! Somewhere in here this got misconstrued as personal. I have several examples of this kind of thing available from my gaming, but this post was not aimed at solving a real current problem in any of my games.

Talking to your players is of course always a good idea, Michael. Ditto players telling the GM what they want (although there are a lot of players who will only suggest this obliquely through IC behavior in a lot of cases - not all of our fantasies are 'safe' to us, including non-sexual ones. that's an issue of broader psychology, though, not GNS).

I think this thread got massively derailed from the beginning because of my bad initial question, which I've explicitly rejected twice now, to no avail. My apologies. What this post was really all about was clarifying to myself what 'Narrativism' means, not in terms of specific Narrativist techniques to enhance a certain kind of play experience, but in terms of what players are looking for in the game. I think those issues were already pretty well handled in the earlier exchange and in other threads. It's about 'addressing' (some) premise in the moment vs. Addressing Premise over the course of a session or series of sessions in an overall coherent way.

A player looking to explore sexual situations in play might be doing so in service of any of the three CA, as has at this point been amply illustrated.
I agree with Pete that there is not even a sexual 'mode' or 'sub-CA' here in an interesting sense.

So not much more to see here from me, folks - I'm going to move on.

Ron Edwards


I'll call that "closed by the author." Thanks everyone.