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The Future of Thugs & Thieves...

Started by ethan_greer, June 16, 2004, 07:30:42 PM

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...Is bright.

A couple folks have recently asked me about my plans for the game, and that probably means that there are others wondering who aren't bothering to ask. So here it is:

Thugs & Thieves will be published in PDF format and sold online, most likely via RPGNow.  The game will be richly illustrated by Andy Hopp, and it'll look awesome.

The game is still in playtest, and I'm more than happy to send out a copy to whoever asks for it via email ( or private message. There's no commitment, so if you just want to read it and dispense with playtesting or providing feedback, that's perfectly fine.

Development on the game was put on hold a while back due to illness and my impending fatherness. In the meantime, I've worked on a couple small projects in order to keep my mad designer skillz up to date.  One of those projects, Chamber, is also in playtest and will be released as a PDF fairly soon. It, too, will look awesome thanks to Andy.

Thugs & Thieves will return to active development this summer. Thanks to the great feedback I've received from some super folks, I've got a list of improvements to make, after which a new playtest package will be released. After that, I'm anticipating that the game will be released, oh, probably during the coming winter. Since my crystal ball is on the fritz and has never served me particularly well anyway, that probably means the game will come out next summer... Such is the nature of a hobby endeavor - no concrete deadlines, and all that.

So those are my plans. Any questions?