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Modern Firearms

Started by Vagabond Elf, July 16, 2004, 05:16:38 PM

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Vagabond Elf

Quote from: Turin
You also may not want to make toughness apply to bullet wounds more man sized, or at least not th same way it does in TROS for melee weapons.

Yeah, that's something else that's been thrown around.  My buddy is advocating not applying TO at all, but I don't like that - some folks are going to get hurt less.  He has convinced my that the 2-7 range is too wide though; at this point I'm thinking of using Half-round-down-TO (so the range becomes 1-3).

That'd make the guns hurt more, too.

Quote from: TurinHere is an Idea:  Roll D10 - of 5-6 equals damage per the weapon damage.  7-8 is +1 wound level, 3-4 is -1, etc. etc.

In a similar vein, this has been considered:  Open the hit location chart up to a d12, and include on it "grazing shot" and "critical shot".  Grazes do a level 1 wound, always.  Criticals do +2 or double or something.  What I like about this is that it doesn't add another roll to the system.  Of course, if I do successes add, then I'd not need it, but I'm not decided either way on that yet.

Quote from: TurinYou can also attempt to roll under toughness on a D10, if you do damage is reduced a level (though you should probably add 1 to all weapon damage on your list of firearms).

I really don't want to add die rolls or extra mechanics to the system if I can help it.  I'm willing to add a half-TO stat, but I want the damage reduction for the character's attributes to work the same for both melee and firearms.  Because I've no intention of fiddling with the melee system.