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Started by Fleinhoy, July 30, 2004, 08:03:32 AM

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'ello blokes.

Lately I have been playing with the thought of changing my Warcraft RPG from the much detested DnD system and over to TROS.

Changing the rules for the races (bonuses, penalties and so on) was more fun than work, but there are a few things that would cause me some slight problems:

I. The magic system: someone here said they had some rules for corruption instead of ageing. I'd be very interested in seeing those.

II. Some of the rather unique weapons in Warcraft, like the Tauren Totem. Laying out the basic stats is no problem, but what other proficiencies would you say hitting things with a bloody big log defaults to?

More problem will most likley show up, but these are the immideate ones, any views would be most welcome.


Firstly, I'd love to see your convo notes.

Secondly, you could probably use the polearm proficiency for the Tauren Totem -- it's supposed to deal with any long, stick-like impact weapon.  Although long, stick-like pointy/sharp weapons are included as well.

Hmmm.  Well, anyway, use your best judgement.  My thinking is, as long as your players get to do cool stuff during the game, and understand that combat in TROS is deadly (which means you can die from one strike, just like that), then they'll do fine!
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search for Conan conversions for your corruption rules... from memory they were attached to them


Thanks for that, mate. Havn't had the time to look for it yet, but I'll probably find it.

That was a very positive response, Birdy, thanks. Unfortnately I'm up to some sensitive bits in dissertation right now, so the conversions are far from finished, but since you showed an interest here's what I've done this far:

Humans: (Race Priority F).
·   Leave as they are, they represent the norm after all.

Ironforge Dwarves: (Race Priority B).
·   TO + 2 (inherently tough little buggers), Soc – 1 (tend to be gruff and ill-tempered).
·   One free proficiency point with either firearms or axes or one free craft skill at 8.
·   No Little flaw since they are mostly over 4ft tall.

Night Elves: (Race Priority A).
·   Wit + 1 (quick thinkers with good reactions), Ag +1 (swift and agile creatures), Per + 2 (excellent vision and good senses), MA – 2 (extremely conservative society).
·   Shadowmeld: Hide skill at 5 in darkness.

High Elves: (Race Priority A).
·   Wit + 1 (quick thinkers), AG + 1 (light and agile), Per + 1(generally sharp senses), TO – 1 (lighter and weaker than other races), ST – 1 (see previous one), MA – 1 (Very slow-moving and conservative society).
·   One free vagary point. (All High Elves are Gifted so this cannot be put into weapon proficiency).
·   Must take the Addiction flaw to Magic. Increased Penalties to...

Orcs: (Race Priority B).
·   TO + 2 (race of big warriors), ST + 2 (see earlier), Soc – 1 (ugly gits, have been fighting just abut everyone for the last three generations), MA – 1 (primitive society).

Tauren: (Race Priority A).
·   TO + 2 (huge ba**ards), ST + 4 (see earlier), AG – 1 (big, but slow), Soc –1 (they look like cows (beauty in this case is only for specially interested farmers...)), MA – 1 (Primitive society).
·   Because of their size and long arms Tauren can add one length category to any weapon they use.
·   Due to their nomadic lifestyle as hunters and gatherers Tauren gain the Survival skill at 9.

Goblin: (Race Priority C).
·   AG + 2 (small and agile), MA + 1 (quick learners and inventors), ST – 2 (small), TO – 1 (small), Soc – 1 (ugly little buggers and generally not trusted).
·   Must take the Little Flaw.
·   Gain one free Craft skill at 8 for free as long as it has to do with technology.

Wildhammer Dwarves: (Race Priority B)
·   TO + 2 (They have the Dwarven toughness), ST + 1 (a race of warriors living in harsh climes), Soc – 1 (tend to be gruff and reserved towards other people), MA – 1 (primitive shamanistic society).
·   Free Mountaineering Skill at 8.
·   No Little flaw here either.

Pandaren: (Race Priority B)
·   TO + 1 (tough and solid build), AG + 1 (deceptively swift and agile).
·   All Pandaren have an increased capacity for drinking alcohol, this should be roleplayed, but if necessary give an extra 2 dice on any checks.
·   Pandaren who take the Brewing skill gain an additional –2 bonus, but this must fit with personality and character.