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Boffer Based Combat Resolution in LARP

Started by Gamskee, August 07, 2004, 03:42:46 AM

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It occurs to me that there is one mode of "boffer resolution" that has been completely ommitted.  But probably unsurprisingly.

I'm thinking you could have a boffer-carrying game with duelling champions.  The emphasis will be different because whatever rules govern the boffer combat are themselves merely facilitating the decision that rests on the outcome of the fight.  Most of your players will not need to be combatants, but these judicial duels will of course have a large audience.  Your ref can always be right there, and can probably officiate in character.

This would not, of course, be a dungeon-crawl or mass melee style game, more the palace politics variety.  OTOH, it might allow a certain higher degree of realism if the particpants expected to fight are only a subset of all participants and not everyone has to agree to the same risk.  Your combatants get to enjoy the kudos of being the necessary champion, and your non-combatants are relieved of an issue they may not wish to deal with.
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