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Author Topic: Quandry: using a beloved setting that's highly restrictive  (Read 7074 times)
M. J. Young

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« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2004, 08:28:00 PM »

Building on the Doc, the first Star Wars novel to come out years back not based on the series (nineteen eighties, I think) suggested that there were twelve top commanders, each head of his own fleet, and that one of them--a fascinating alien who was the only alien to hold such a position--was way out the far end of the galaxy at the time of the battle. He then begins consolidating his power to attempt to disrupt the new Republic and reestablish the Empire, with himself at its head.

As I say, he makes a fascinating villain; I wish I could remember enough about that book to point you to it (it was first of a trilogy, and he continued through all three). You could have your people out at the far end of the galaxy, possibly trying to prevent him from reaching the battle.

Given that's not canon, you could have several such fleets in various parts of the galaxy, player characters trying to deal with them.

That doesn't necessarily mean combat; all kinds of possibilities emerge.

--M. J. Young

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