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BW - The Sorcerer is Dead, Now What?

Started by Judd, September 15, 2004, 11:13:30 PM

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I'm going to run this one-shot twice, once on Friday and once again on Tuesday with two different groups and pre-made characters.

Here's the concept, then the characters and then their beliefs and instincts.

Your master was the Court Sorcerer, Ambassador to the Fey Folk and private arcane tutor to the Queen.  Being his apprentice was difficult.

"My master was a bastard to me and it forged me into a fine figure of a wizard.  His spite crafted me, distilling my arcane skills and driving the weakness from me.  When I'm cruel, know it is only to test your steel and make you better at the art of sorcerery."

He was a bastard too, a total bastard.

Last night he died in his sleep.  You both found his corpose upon bringing him his breakfast and tea.  

Now what?

Necromancer's Child: The Sorcerer defeated your father and his undead hordes and took you as his fosterling, despite the ravening village-folk with their torches and pitchfork who wanted to burn your pale-ass as a heretic.

You have been skulking about his tower for a while now, learning what you can.

Elven Ward: These humans are so fascinating, with their short-lives and attempts at sorcery. Your father thought that it would be important for the heir to the Citadel to know of these creatures and so he fostered you to this Sorcerer to learn what you could.

Hardened Street Urchin: The Sorcerer took you off of the street when he saw you had a gift for Sorcery and as tough this apprenticeship is, it ain't near as tough as a winter on the streets. He's a bastard, true enough, but the tower is a roof over your head and there are three square meals a day.

Dwarven Shortbeard: Father believes the Dwarven Kingdom's destiny and fortune is to be found deeper in the tunnels under the mountains but you always looked up. You have apprenticed yourself to this human sorcerer, the finest of their race, despite the disgrace and disgust it brought to your people.

Nurtured over Natured Orc: The Sorcerer took you in on a bet. He said that a young Orc, raised properly would cease to rely on its fury and anger. You've served in this tower for years now and can't cast a single fucking spell. Compared to your Orcish taskmasters the Sorcerer was kind but you can't help but hold on to that fury and remain pissed off at the world, yourself very much included.

Prodigy/Heir Apparent: If you were apprenticed to anyone else you would already be a journeyman but this Sorcerer's standards are impossibly high. Surely you will inherit his tower and staff now that he is dead. Right?

Elven Ward


Human magic is quaint.

I shouldn't lord my Elven majesty over the humans too much.

This time in the human lands will make me a better prince.


Take time to appreciate the beauty in everything, even if I must slay it.

Always know the fastest route to the forest.

Treat younger races like the children they are.

Hardened Street Urchin


A silver piece nobody knows about is worth two on the table.

A dagger nobody knows about is worth five on my hip.

Where you get your next meal is important.


Always have a dagger (or three) within reach.

Always have an escape plan.

Keep food hidden for a lean day.

Dwarven Shortbeard


Dwarven Artifcats should be returned to the Mountain.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

We were all shaped in the same forge.


When something is important, make an oath on it.

Never break an oath.

Always look for the craftsmanship in everything's making.

Nurtured over Natured Orc


They aren't trying to piss me off but that doesn't make 'em any less infuriating.

Human society is no less cruel and vicious as an Orc tribe, it only smells a little better.

Anger is my weakness and my strength.


Warn them when my hatred simmers, hurt them when it boils, kill them when it explodes.

Always know what can be used as a weapon in a given room.

Find the weakest and make them cringe.

Prodigy/Heir Apparent


Despite what the law might say, I am a Sorcerer in all but name.

I will be the finest arcane practitioner of my generation.

Danger quickens magical learning.


Solve problems with magic when possible.

Always strive to learn.

Think Big, Think HISTORY

Necromancer's Son


Father was right.

To deal with the dead is not wrong but to ignore the dead is wrong.

Father will return and take me away from all this.


Always on the look-out for a method for bringing father back.

Learn the dead's lessons carefully.

When it doubt, skulk.