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Burning Wheel Middle Earth

Started by Don D., August 24, 2004, 12:55:27 PM

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Don D.

Has anyone came up with special rules/ character creation modifiers for using Burning Wheel in Middle Earth?  It seems like a perfect fit other than some added material for races etc.  If anyone is currently using BW for Middle Earth please post how that is working and how characters are being made, ex. how are the Dunadain made etc.  What about Hobbits?  I would love to have a one on one session with a player playing a giant spider (ala Shlob)


I'm not sure that any new rules would be necessary to run BW in Middle-Earth.  The Elves in BW are more faithful to Tolkien  than any in gaming.


i think there's some hobbit info on our site. The games wasn't meant to reenact the War of the Ring, so Hobbits weren't included. They're involvement there was largely their only and greatest adventure.

For the precise mimicking of the sons of Numenor, I'd just have their physical pool stop dropping after 50 or 60 or so.

Aside from that, the game is meant to ROCK YOUR MIDDLE WORLD.

Have fun.