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Author Topic: Welcome to Incarnadine Press! Please wash your hands.  (Read 16294 times)
Michael S. Miller
Posts: 846

« on: September 06, 2004, 05:14:45 AM »

Welcome to the Incarnadine Press forum. I welcome any and all comments, questions, and criticisms about my games. Since I have a few out there, please help keep things tidy by including the following in your subject line:

[WGP] for With Great Power...

[WS] for War Stories

[D] for Discernment (available in the No-Press Anthology)

If you play any Incarnadine Press games, I heartily invite you to post about them in Actual Play, as you'll have a larger reading audience.

Unlike elsewhere on the Forge, a few non-RPG topics are allowed in this forum. As With Great Power... is a superhero game, topics relating to superheroes are welcome, whether they’re portrayed in comics, film, television, or other media. If you want to expound your personal theory as to why Marshal Law is a superhero story, but Watchmen isn't, please do so.

The other non-RPG topic allowed is Shakespeare. I'm not a Shakespeare scholar, nor do I play one on TV, but I am an enthusiastic fan of the Bard's work and I welcome any discussion on insights you've had, productions you've seen, books you've read, and the like. Score Shakespeare points for yourself if you get the joke in this post's title.

Thanks for reading, and please try not to leave a ring around the multitudinous seas when you're done washing up.

Serial Homicide Unit Hunt down a killer!
Incarnadine Press--The Redder, the Better!
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