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Author Topic: [DiTV] Job Gully  (Read 4109 times)

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Please call me Judd.

« on: October 14, 2004, 06:48:28 PM »

Town: Job Gully

Pride: Elders in the community have courted those who are on their way to the northwest for the latest gold rush and it is destroying the town but they are too busy counting their money to care.

Injustice: The town has become a raging mass of tents, outsiders, heathens and killers as all manner of folk without hope or scruples head west to find gold.  The town has become a quaint town of 800 to a raging cess pool of 50,000 in a about month.

Sin:  Greed.

Demonic Attacks: The Regulators hired by the elders have damn well known that Dogs would be coming sooner or later and as a matter of fact the Elders are led by a former Dog

False Doctrine: We can rebuild the town and restore its faith after these heathens have left and we have taken their money as they go west to chase the only go they know, gold.

Corrupt Worship: They worship the gold coin and the false hopes of others, seeking to take those without the faith's wallets rather than preach to them the glory of the Book of Life.

False Priesthood: The Elders have surrounded themselves with armed men, they say it is to protect themselves from the heathens but they damn well know it is to protect themselves from the Dogs who-are-a-comin'.  The former dog has had a vision and he knows damn well they are on their way.

It was the Lord's last ditch effort to show him the error of his ways.  He ignored it.

Sorcery: The former Dog has a real sense for heathens coming through the town who can be shaken down for their gold.  It is as if some Demon is on his shoulder, telling him how much gold is in their pocket.

Hate & Murder: The community has managed to keep itself fairly isolated by boys areregularly going whoring, a few girls have run off with prospectors and the town's preacher has turned into a suicidal drunk who has publically threatened to burn the new Temple to the ground.

What do the people want? They want their town and their way of life back.  Or do they?

What do the demons want? The Demons want many of these heathens to forego heading west in order to settle down and the Elders to become the town's government so that this lifestyle they have settled into and the compromises they have made become their status quo.


Town Preacher - Drunk and angry

Former Dog - ringleader and a bad-ass

Whoremaster - one of the Faithful who tells the boys about the girls behind the Temple on prayer days.

more townsfolk to come...

Other players: The Territorial Authority's palm is firmly greased by the Elders and they could be called on if needed.

Notes:  I wanted a town where their quilted coats won't mean a damned thing to the greater part of the population.  This late into their game, 4 towns out of 5 into the mini-campaign, I'd like to remind them that they are ordained by God and act under no governmental authority.

I want them to wear the jacket when it is truly difficult to do so.

« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2004, 08:01:01 AM »

That's brilliant, Judd.  It's got much more of a traditional Western feel to it than most of the towns I've seen described here (the rich grangers and their hired guns).  The "bad dog" seems like an antagonist with a lot of potential, too.

After thinking about this town, it occurred to me that you could do something interesting with the Yojimbo/Last Man Standing situation, with the Dogs taking the role of the wandering samurai.  Either two warring camps of faithful or two big non-Faithful ranchers, oppressing the Faithful nearby while feuding with each other.
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