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[Tribe] Inherited Attributes/Stats

Started by jknevitt, December 04, 2004, 06:10:23 PM

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New characters gain their starting Attributes from their parents, both figuratively and in terms of game mechanics. Think of it as genetics, RPG style.

Attributes are between 1 and 10. Characters could choose to average their parents' numbers for each stat, or choose the highest of the parental pair. If the highest of the parental pair is selected, then the character must select the lower of another stat pair (or vice versa).


Given the above, I pose two questions to the class:

1) How can this be done without making it an additional step in character generation (Step 0.5, in between Step 0: Concept and Step 1: Determining Attributes)?

2) Does this idea seem aesthetically appealing, regardless of actual game relevance (ie. do you think it's a 'neat' idea, or do you think it bites)?

*Edited to include snazzy new working title.
James Knevitt