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Author Topic: [Imp Game] Pimps, Sean Connery and New RPer!  (Read 2470 times)

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« on: January 26, 2005, 09:22:48 PM »

Time for yet another crazy evening of the Imp Game!
Its been a while since I've had the chance to actually sit down and play, so I was thrilled to do so in the first place!
For those unfamiliar with the last session in November. check out  http://indie-rpgs.com/viewtopic.php?t=13349

Set up was fairly similar. Regretably, half the guys I gamed with last time moved, but on a positive note we had a new player, someone TOTALLY new to tabletop roleplaying.
Thus, the crew consisted of:

Me, author, Forge loiterer
Troy, D&D Fanatic
Eric, Console gamer

For the sake of simplicity, we decided to choose totally new characters and did so rather quickly. Eric had been through the process in a rough phase earlier, so it was quick to go a head and make his character while Troy and I pondered a little more. The results were:

Bob, the Crazy Imp (Eric)
A Drunken Leprachan who was Speedy. He could turn anything he held onto into a dark beer, feared being without his precious beer and was a homophobe.

Milos the Pimp Imp, a Devious Imp (Troy)
A persuasive, violent, and lazy (or as he described it, a cross between Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg and Rick James) Imp who could work his Imp Mojo, a form of the 'Imp Majik' relating more to people. He feared STDs and Priests.

Eddie, the Big Dumb Imp (Me)
A Naieve and clumsey but philosophical (The road to success is paved with cheese) Imp. I could pull things out of the air, feared large women and celebrity look alikes (And dear god we ran into J-Lo a few times).

By popular request, we revisited the mission of the original session, stopping the Good Fairy and squashing her bunnies. I took a LOT more of a back seat to this game, reacting more than I did in the last one.
A number of changes were made. For one, the rabbits were made to be Mexican rabbits, with the whole stereotypical accent and the works.

From the outset, we started out the same, heading to town for weapons after I pulled a hoe out of my shorts (instead of a club) and a ho, a large woman named Lisa.
Milo stayed behind while Bob and Eddie headed for town. Eric followed the document a little closer than we did the last time and actually used the trait table for his Crazy Imp. Eddie tried to march right into town and got snagged by Bob who in a moment of flash insight realized the people would try to kill them. Rather, he tried to get Eddie to pull a rocket launcher out of his shorts and instead got a Vibrator Launcher, which terrified him so much he ran off into town, starting a riot. Milo snuck up behind Eddie and convinced him to fire the Vibrator into town after Bob failed to take out a villager. Remarkably, Eddie succeeded, firing the vibrator at the nuts of a guy about to attack Bob. Rushing to the safety of the forest, Bob recouped with the other two Imps.
Milo and Bob got into an arguement about how best to handle the village and used Eddie to pull all sorts of stuff from his shorts. Out of ammo for his Vibrator cannon, he reached in and pulled out a trout, which Milo stole. Eddie then pulled out a French Rabbit who impeded on Milo's Pimp position in the game and Milo tried to beat him with the fish...and blew it, sending the trout flying through the air. Turns out, the trout was loaded with gun powder, exploded on contact, took out a large tree which fell into the town and crushed the town church, its priest barely escaping.
Priest ended up being
A) A priest, duh
B) Catholic and
C) a Sean Connery look-alike.
According to these three features, it sent all of us into a terror and screaming back into the woods and the crossroad where we messed up the sign. We tried to put it pack together, but ended up turning it around...
Now, unbeknownst to us what we think is North and South is really West and East respectively.
The game ended with us charging down the road to the West and into the Thespian Villiage, the Mexican Bunny Farm to the East of us, and questions being posed about Eddies sexuality to freak out Bob.

And the fun part? We've arranged to play again next Wednesday!
Results of the evening:
- Better use of the rolls. Any "traits" were free, any Ability use was rolled for exactly what you wanted to happen, but sometimes it ended up being 'in the favor' anyway (the garden hoe, the exploding trout, etc).
- Even with a new player, reletively few questions once he got into it and saw how things were run. He needed a run down of the Rolls a couple times, mostly what exactly constituted a roll and what didn't.
- In a little less time I'd say we accomplished about the same as we did the last time we played, though this time felt a little cleaner, had a better idea of what did and didn't work last time.
- New Role players can get this EASY. Eric had experiance with fantasy games on the consoles and was aquainted with the stereotypes of fantasy, which is actually an asset in this game. He was ready to go another couple hours when we stopped.
Troy's reaction was similar to mine- I had a great time, but its not something to play all the time. Still, when you do play it its great fun!

I'm the most pleased with Erics reactions though. He was having a blast and really got into it, which did my heart a lot of good. The system was simple enough he was able to grab ahold of it and it really worked the way it was intended.

Nate Petersen / daMoose
Neo Productions Unlimited! Publisher of Final Twilight card game, Imp Game RPG, and more titles to come!
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