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Author Topic: Shadow-Eaters  (Read 1480 times)

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« on: December 30, 2004, 08:52:46 AM »

Note: this is a working idea, feedback is defintely encouraged and appreciated...

Name: Shadow-Eater

In a harsh world full of mystery and horror, sometimes the innocent suffer unimaginably at the talons of the cruel and corrupt. Occasionally when this happens something terrible is created from the suffering. A spiritual fragment is left behind, seeking a way to regain that lost innocence...never realizing that its action further spread the misery...

Consume Innocence (The Shadow-Eater is the lost soul of someone whose innocene was destroyed in life, it seeks to regain that which was lost...)

Usually a lost child or other ethereal image of a peron who was untainted by the supernatural elements of Polian in life. They sometimes appear as if cloaked in shadow or mist.

All Shadow-Eaters have pure black eyes, showing off the void that used to be their soul. Also, Shadow-Eaters never appear in sunlight, sticking the dark places or only coming out at night...

Not all Shadow-Eaters have this complete list of Powers, many only have one or two, usually depending how long they have been in existence.

Attack (Mental) - Shadow-Eaters often strike fear into the very hearts and minds of their victims...and often use this as a form of defense when they are being hunted.
Instant, Others

Attack (Physical) - Many Shadow-Eaters can sap a victim's strengh and Vitality with a brush of cold darkness. This can be done with "physical" contact or with use of existing shadows (see Glamour below). This attack feels as though the person's flesh has been robbed of all heat and often rendered the limb useless for a time.
Instant, Others

Armor - Most Shadow-Eaters are very difficult to dmage with mundane weapons. They are more spirit and mist than substance, allowing normal weapons to pass through them, causing only minimal damage to them.
Self, Permanent

Glamour - Most Shadow-Eaters can create darkness and manipulate shadows to an extent. They can make shadows darker or more dense and extend them beyond their normal length.
Limited, Others

Healing - Most Shadow-Eaters can heal themselves of damage taken by using Vitality levels they have stolen from their victims and applying them to their wounds.
Instant, Self

Movement - Most Shadow-Eaters can move between existing shadows, often "jumping" from one to another.
Instant, Self

All Shadow-Eaters are vulnerable to fire. This True Weakness causes severe wounds that most Shadow-Eaters are unable to recover from.

Power Rank: 4
Cunning Rank: 3
Vitality Levels: 14

Wake: The Shadow-Eaters often leave a pall of sadness and loss wherever they go. Those that are touched by the Shadow-Eaters often mourn, even if they did not know the victim.

"What Are You Afraid Of?"
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