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Capes is now on sale

Started by TonyLB, January 31, 2005, 12:27:18 PM

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red dragon

Exactly. I am in the UK and would have to pay international shipping - and wait a week! If you could figure out something to make the printing easier I would really appreciate it and so probably would others.


I think it should be a relatively simple task to create a new, eighty-page letter-sized PDF that has all of the same material, a little smaller, in that two-page layout.  

I won't really know until I get some time to work on it undisturbed.  If it's easy to address then I'll have it up sometime in the next few days (and obviously I'll authorize everyone for both copies).
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Travis bounces up and down waiting for his playtester's copy... I can put it on the shelf next to the free copies of FUDGE and The Primal Order: Pawns I got for being a contributor.  Of course, this one'll get actual play from me too... :-)

Doug Ruff

And Doug is very fired up about receiving his PDF copy - thank you Tony! This is especilly good news as I have just been sent on a 2 day business trip: Capes will be travelling with me on my laptop.
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