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How to bribe players

Started by TonyLB, January 24, 2005, 12:33:45 PM

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I'm very big on above-the-board bribes.  So here's my thinking:  A vibrant community, here on this forum, is a huge selling point for the game.  I ought to make sure that I'm appropriate bribing people to get their creative juices flowing (once the game is actually in their hands).

So I've got two methods of bribery in mind.  I'd be very open to others, of course:
    [*]Convention demo-packs:  I'm planning to create adhesive, repositionable, laminated Click and Lock modules to use in my convention games.  You'll be able to just peel them off a page, put them on a laminated character sheet, and mark them up with china pencils.  Then when you're done with them, wipe them off and put them back on the storage page.  I'll have to see how they actually work out, but if they're as cool as I hope I am considering giving them away as bribes for the first N people to post Actual Play reports of at least three successive Capes sessions.
    [*]Fame:  I'm also thinking of combining the notion of cyclical contests and periodic supplemental material... Doing a contest to make the best supplemental material, which material then gets gathered together, prettified by me, and posted as a free PDF supplement.  For instance, I might do sets of new Click and Locks, with a theme.  "Submit six Skill modules for characters in medieval/fantasy europe, for when heroes go on time-hopping adventures" or "Submit six Personality modules for characters in snarky, victorianesque high society".  There, though, the only bribe would be the cachet of having your ideas included in the supplement.  I'm not sure it would entice.[/list:u]
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