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Let me see if I can articulate my problem with the Forge

Started by ffilz, February 03, 2005, 05:27:00 PM

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OK. Well, watch my blog (link is in my sig). I've got one more or less done, I'll try to keep them coming semi-regularly.

Ron Edwards

Hello Frank,

I've decided I'm going to take a slightly different approach in this post.

Bluntly, bullshit - at least as far as your stated problem or claim is concerned. You do get responses to your posts. Your threads do not sit there with little 0's.

So let's have an end to this cryin' about how no one responds to you. It's simply not the case.

However! I'm not writing off what clearly must underly this claim of yours. Clearly, although people are responding to your posts, they are not responding in some way that you would like them to. That's why you perceive your threads to die, because you're not getting what you want from them.

So, I'm asking you to ask yourself: what is it you want? What do you perceive as the perfect, glorious, and desirable Forge thread, as initiated by you and as responded to by others?

Then, in order to clarify things for the rest of us, can you provide an example of such a thread, initiated by someone else? What makes it good? What would be satisfying about it, if you were to have been the person to initiate it?




I need to take some time to respond, but I wanted to point out one thing I realized about this thread: I never read your first response to me. Sorry about that, the way the Forge software handles marked as read/unread doesn't always work for me. Sometimes, I log on and read the latest posts in a thread and realize I must have missed something, look back, and see that clearly some posts got marked read that I never saw (for example, this weekend, I did not sign on between 5 PM Pacific Time Saturday and 6 PM Sunday, yet when I looked carefully, several posts Sunday morning were already marked read. Your first post in this thread of course was cross-posted with mine and somehow I didn't get the clue from your second post (I thought you were talking about cross posting with my 2nd post).

Frank Filz