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GenCon Booth 2005 - first laws

Started by Ron Edwards, February 13, 2005, 07:32:46 PM

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QuoteOn Credit Cards: One solution would be internet access. A lot of us have PayPal accounts and that could easily be a solution (instead of a credit card reader). Those that don't could easily set one up. We even could create a single page from which to reach all these different purchases online (I have no problem putting ti together and hosting it). I'm sure that they have a wireless network at the convention hall. We would just need to see what the cost would be.

I noticed a few signals out there on the wireless card of my laptop at GenCon 2004, but they were private networks. So if there is a network at the convention center, it is probably pay for play. However, since I -am- bringing a wireless-enabled laptop, the PayPal idea is certainly an option.

Two semi-related thoughts:
1) Has anyone ever floated to Peter Adkinson the idea of GenCon gift/debit cards? Everyone else is using them...
2) My local cell-phone place has the neatest item I've ever seen for a mobile sales force, a cell phone with a built-in card swiper and card processing software. Would be perfect if you were always on the con circuit.

Greg Porter

Mike Holmes

With regards to the fulfilment houses that are going to be doing the selling: has there been any talk of co-ordinating locations with them? Trying to get some if not all of them nearby?

How's the point status, Ron? Is it getting to the point where Adept Press can sway these things at all? Does simply asking to be co-located every do any good? If, for example, the Forge booth was opposite a fulfulment endcap, I think that would be pretty damn cool. Play on one side of the aisle, and then cross to the other to buy.

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Ron Edwards


I've mentioned to both fulfillment houses who've asked about any Forge/them coordination that I'd like them to be nearby.

I think our GenCon clout is pretty good. Part of it is the points, which I've accumulated nicely over the last two years, and part of it is ongoing good will between GenCon LLC and Adept Press. We've (i.e Adept + all you guys) made good on our promises and shown we care about GenCon's overall success.

No guarantees of booth placement or booth-booth proximity - there never are - but I think we have the high ground at least to try.