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Author Topic: NYC Crew meets Bridal Falls City  (Read 2900 times)

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« on: March 28, 2005, 08:57:52 PM »

I met with a few old gaming buddies in NYC this weekend and we gamed us some DitV.  

Pete made up a former professor of Philosophy from Back East who is handy with a carbine.

Witt made up a half-Mountain Folk orphan boy who grew up in the Watchdog's Temple.

Jay made up a rough child of heathens whose dad had killed a Watchdog and wore the dead Dog's jacket.  Jay's PC's killed his own pa, at the urging of his Watchdog Mentor, Bart.  His PC's brothers were still alive and kicking, hungry for revenge.


Jay wanted to face down one of his brothers.

He met the kid by a fountain in BFC, where his sibling was drinking publically and pissing on a Temple.  He ended up winning the conflict by intimidating his brother into submission, convincing him at gunpoint to stay and be one of the Faithful.

Pete wanted his Dog to prove himself worthy.

So I had Pete's PC talk to JAy's PC's brother, convert or kill.  The Elders didn't believe that the boy's heart was in the Faith truly.  PEte's PC couldn't get through to the boy and ended up putting a bullet in 'im.

Witt wanted to save a maiden in distress.

Witt's PC saved one of the Watchdog Temple's Orphans, kidnapped while walking in the woods near the temple.  Of course she was kidnapped by JAy's PC's brothers, who were hoping to draw their brother out.

He snuck into their camp and saved her without too much of a hitch.

The following is the write-up for my idea for Bridal Falls City


The plot was easy to draw the players into.  Ezekiel turned into Bartholemew, a mentor of a PC.  Unfortunately, that player was called into work and couldn't play through the town, which is too bad.  I think connecting a town in with the player's is a great way to go.  I am going to build future towns with an eye for pieces that can be altered to include that kind of easy tweaking.

In the end, one of the players went to the Council of Elders and asked what to do.

No, no, no.

They told him that most newly frocked Dogs go west into the Vineyard while some doomed fools actually venture toward the sunrise towards the sinful East.  But none had ever turned back into Bridal Falls City.

"You are a Dog, the King of Life has guided you this far and He will see you the rest of the way.  We trust your judgement as we trust our Lord's.  See that no sin festers this close to the foundation of our people."

He took Becca, the old retired widower Dog out of town and shot her in the back of the head.

They relocated Faith to a different town.

Ezekiel turned Bart...they let him off, having had a bellyfull of killing by then.

My friend, Pete kept saying, "Damn, this game is dark."  I think the game really got to him.  The power of judgement really made its mark on him.


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« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2005, 05:10:32 PM »

Just to clarify a point:

This game is really freaking dark.

But seriously,

Brother Cameron didn't take Becca to the Council to ask what to do.  He already knew what to do.  Cameron was more interested if the Elders wanted to make a spectacle of the event or would they rather that it be a surgical action.  Cameron got his answer and he performed a surgical action.  A very dark surgical action.

As Pete, it made better sense to have this as a big public execution, showing the good folks in BFC that no one is above the King's Law.  But Cameron was being a faithful Dog not just a Dog to the Faithful.

As Cameron, I opted to relocate Faith and give her a shot at redemption.  I figured that I'd drop by at a later point and send her to the King if that was what needed to be done.

And one final word on Bart - I didn't skin iron with Bart because I wanted Jay's character, Crosby to do it.  It didn't feel like it was my place since I knew that Bart and Crosby were close.  Unfortunately, Jay wasn't there when all this went down.  Such is the war on sin.


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