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So, I watched House of Sand and Fog a while back

Started by Gordon C. Landis, April 06, 2005, 07:43:10 PM

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Gordon C. Landis

I was impressed by it.  I was depressed by it.  I was glad to have seen it, even though I can't honestly say I enjoyed it all that much.  A train wreck in process, with the only question being what way the wreckage will fly.

And it occured to me that such a response to a roleplaying session would be considered by most gamers to be an utter failure.  Now, it's also considered a failure in movies by most moviegoers - but while I have little sympathy for such a response from movie goers, I do have symapthy for it from RPGers.  What's that about?

Gordon (under construction)


If such a tragic drama played out among the characters, I'd consider it a great game.

If it played out among the players, that'd be the failure.


Great movie.  Did you see the alternate ending where Ben K strangles Jennifer C to death?

Gordon C. Landis

Nope, I did not see an alternate ending - I got 3 free months of movie channels and just grabbed it on the DVR.  I think something like that (the strangulation) is more what I expected to happen, so I actually prefer the standard ending - I was literally stunned that the Jennifer C character was alive at the end. (under construction)