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Married? Have Kids? Pets? Demons?

Started by Sydney Freedberg, April 06, 2005, 11:53:41 AM

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Wife: Yes, 7 1/2 years together now, and I love her.

Kids: One, six months old and I love her.

Pets: No. Once upon a time we had a cat but my wife developed allergies. We may get a dog someday if the kid begs us and we think my wife's allergies can tolerate it.

Demons: Two. One is a floating eye that watches everything I do. The other is a succubus. Those of you who think the latter would be fun are wrong.


Wife:  Not currently.  With the way marriage is currently set up in this country, I'm pretty sure that if I do eventually marry, it'll be a business arrangement more than a romantic one.  But then, I'm still young and foolhardy.

Kids: None yet.  Might adopt or foster one day.  Will never get someone pregnant if I can possibly help it (snip)

Pets: One dog, three cats, both actually belonging to roommates who are renting from me.

Demons:  I have a passer demon (my gf), and a parasite demon (my muse).  Probably others too.
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Spouse: No, but do live with my girlfriend.
Kids: None
Pets: She brought Max, a cat, who I'm slowly stealing away with treats.
Demons: Manifest as boxes and boxes of books; always in the way, wherever you are.
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Wife: None.  However, Tod and I have been living together for almost 15 years now.
Kids: No, thank you.
Pets: Three cats.
Demon: No comment.



    [*]Married.  Gamer wife quote: "If at first you don't succeed... tell me more story."
    [*]One biological daughter, 5.  One adopted daughter, 2 1/2.  One foster son, 11, reason for blog stasis, is finding a new home soon.  Sigh/argh/phew/guilt/grr.  One effective-daughter (technically spawn of a friend), also 5.
    [*]One cat; one demon.  Not sure if it's a possessor/host relationship, or merely two facets of the same being.[/list:u]

    - Eric

    Christopher Weeks

    One wife(35), one son (10), one daughter (3), six cats (13,11,7,6,5,5).

    Trevis Martin

    Wife:  Yes, Erin and I have been married almost 12 years now (it's really been that long?  Seems like yesterday.).  She's not a gamer (though I try.) But she is supportive. (My entire gaming group gains weight because of her.)

    Kids: Not yet, but we're both beginning to feel it.  Maybe in this next year.

    Pets: Two goofy little dogs, Biscuit and Daisy, both Bichon Frises.  Adorable and spoiled.

    Demons: Only my computer.



    Rich Forest

    Married: Yeah, goin' on eight years.
    Kids: Nuh-uh.
    Pets: Nope.
    Demons: I've had a few, but then again...

    Clinton R. Nixon

    Married: Have been, divorced. Working on #2 currently. Thinking very hard about popping that question in the next few weeks.

    Kids: None. Want them badly.

    Pets: One cat, Violet. I love her to death. She's awesome and weirder than me.
    Clinton R. Nixon
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    Andy Kitkowski

    Married: this is the first quarter of the seventh year (I'm 30).
    Kids: No, most likely never.
    Cats: Hells yeah.  2, which we brought back from Japan with us: The super-intelligent Subaru, and the muscular yet easily frightened Chobi.
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    Frank T

    One ex-wife, no kids fortunately, one ex-cat and a demon called laziness.

    Jason L Blair

    Married, for almost 12 years.
    Kids: One daughter, 18 months old.
    Pets: Udo, my mini dachshund; Klaus, the Maltese; Katiko, a chinchilla
    Demons: Many, and most are older than I am.
    Jason L Blair
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    Chris Goodwin

    Married, one child (three years old, boy), no pets (yet).
    Chris Goodwin

    Andrew Morris

    Married: Technically, but we'll be getting divorced as soon as time and finances allow

    Kids: Nope

    Pets: Nope (because monkeys and badgers tend to attack you, and squirrels usually just run away)

    Demons: None that I'm aware of, unless you count the nicotene. But that one never grants me any powers other than susceptibility to respiratory illness. As powers go, that one kinda sucks.
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    Ben Lehman

    Wife: None yet.
    Kids: See above
    Pets: Nope.  I love dogs (and cats, but mostly dogs) but my lifestyle doesn't allow it.
    Demons: Three.  Valentine (possessor), Jabberwock (possessor), and Jacket (object).  Possibly others that I don't know about.