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Wishlist III

Started by Shreyas Sampat, April 07, 2005, 04:55:42 AM

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Shreyas Sampat

Quote from: Paul CzegeOne of the common thread-starts in online game forums is someone describing a concept they wish had been made into a game. Often the idea is for the game realization of a film, novel or comic book...but not always. Sometimes they're totally original. The one universal is that they generally aren't something the person wants to design himself...but a game they really want to play. So, here's the Forge Birthday indie design variant: What entirely unrealized game do you wish existed, because you want to play it, and who do you want to design it for you? The only restriction is that it cannot be an idea the designer has previously associated himself with.
Let's see this year's crop.

Frank T

Since this hasn't happened yet:

Quote from: John HarperI want Two Clicks -- the game by Vincent Baker about how much it sucks to be some poor fucker humping his shit through the jungles of Vietnam, searching for an enemy he does not want to find.


Jonathan Walton

I need new targets this year.  Hmm...

I want Emily Care to write a game based on Korean romantic comedies, with their suave asshole jerk boys, their too-nice/stubborn-for-their-own-good girl protagonists, their roaming packs of teenagers who'll beat the shit out of you for no reason, their too-cool-for-school hairstyles, their way-too-sexy schoolboy suits and schoolgirl skirts, their massive amounts of pouting and whining, their inevitable happy endings, and their general badassitude.  Em, if you need video references, I can mail you a whole stack.

I want the Wicked Dead folks (John, Annie, Jared) to write a sort of live action miniatures game about what the inanimate objects in your house do when everyone is asleep, which you're supposed to play from bedtime until dawn.  You would choose your array of objects and manipulate them in complex soap operas ("Norton's English Dictionary called On the Road a lightweight!", wild adventures ("Okay guys, we want to reach the den without the cat noticing us... Go!"), or battles that raged across all the rooms of your house.  Sorta like Toy Story, but with adult toys (get your mind out of the gutter).


(Frank T: check this.)



I want Ninja Hunter J. to team up with Emily Care to write a narrativist transhumanist game with the punch of DitV or MLwM.  To write a toolbox which (a) supports and directs extropianist tech dreaming with a robust yet accessible framework, and then (b) directs play straight at the cool parts - the human ramifications, the changes to the way we live (not just spend our time, but actually live).  I want a game which makes every story arc a Big Idea story in its own right, with no two arcs ever the same.

I want Jake Norwood to write a game where I get to ride a motorcycle while wielding a bigass sword and dodging the arcs of sorcerous fire.  Think Final Fantasy VII meets Exalted here.  Other than that I'm not really picky.

- Eric