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The Sights/Sounds/Words of Your Life

Started by C. Edwards, April 07, 2005, 07:57:44 PM

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C. Edwards

What would the film, soundtrack, and book about your life be called? Tell us a little about them. Wishful thinking and artistic license is allowed.

Film: Dark Mnemonic   Cybernoir a la Bladerunner. Only the protagonist is looking for something and he doesn't know what it is. Every time he thinks he finds it he's wrong. So he has to start all over. Only through moments of intense lucidity does he manage to slowly, agonizingly grasp for the bits of forgotten knowledge that will determine his future. X rated due to all the cyborg nudity.

Soundtrack:  Kamikaze    It starts off in an a valium induced R&B haze, hits its stride with poetic brawling punk anthems, and finishes with explosive, mind-blowing electronica. A remix of Danzig's "How the Gods Kill" is not out of the question.

Book: Naked with Chaos    A mix between "Lord of the Flies" and "The Dharma Bums", but written by Robert Howard (or a fascimile thereof). With a forward by Ram Dass. It makes grown men cry. L. Ron Hubbard cultists, jealous of the books sales figures, burn down the publisher's offices. People stop eating grape jelly.