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what is this?

Started by jessizzle08, May 24, 2005, 03:48:34 AM

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is this an actual role play site, if so, what kind of role play od u want to do?


Read the stickies at the top of every forum to see the reason for its being.

The Actual Play forum, or AP, is where we make notes on live play sessions so we can take a look at them from another standpoint, see where we went right or wrong, share a particularly awesome session, or even help show off an original system and let folks comment/ask questions on it after seeing how it plays out in real life, aside from theoretics.

The Forge is not a "role play" forum where you show up and post as characters. If you are interested in playing a game, drop by the Connections forum and look for some playtests or other opprotunities to join in IRC games and the like.
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