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Author Topic: An Experiment: Turning Capes into a More Traditional RPG  (Read 2417 times)

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« on: June 07, 2005, 12:32:01 PM »

I was thinking about the entire debate about whether Capes is *really* an RPG or not.  I, of course, think it IS an RPG.  All the elements of a so-called traditional RPG are there.   They're just distributed differently, most notably the GM responsibilities.  Then it occured to me that it is dirt simple to collapse those responsibilities back onto one person WITHOUT *really* changing the rules; it involves players voluntarily not taking advantage of certain rules.

Here it goes: How to Play Capes like a Ttraditional RPG

1) "Players" never play more than one character, and each scene they always choose the same character.  Only the "GM" may play multiple and differing characters.

2) "Players" always Pass when it's their turn to frame a scene.  Only the "GM" ever starts a new scene.  Note: This will probably get broken occassionaly since even in more traditional play a player will pipe up and say, "Hey, I'd like to do X over here" and start a scene.

3) Goals are always directly attached to a "Players" character.  Events may only be played by the "GM."  No vetoes are ever used.

That's about it.  Play as normal.  I again submit that I'm not actually *changing* the rules, only restricting them.  I suspect the above will be a little closer, in feel, to a game of My Life With Master.

Just a thought.

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« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2005, 12:45:07 PM »

And an interesting thought, at that.  I'd be fascinated to see how people felt those restrictions changed the game in actual play.  Sort of a compare-and-contrast, playing it unrestricted first (to get a feel for what it does that way) then another session with those restrictions added.

I also have a sneaking feeling that the GM will end up with the least input into the game of any of the players, which I find deliciously ironic.

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