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[DITV] Blood, Guns and Breasts

Started by sirogit, June 17, 2005, 08:16:03 AM

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Here's the rundown of my most recent DITV game:

The players are:
Me, playing Ezri, the intensly passionate guy.

My brother Chris, the GM.

Our friend Jeri, playing Omar, who is kind of the Punisher.

Jeri's girlfriend China, playing Lane, the cross-dressing Dog.

Squidgit, Jeri's hetero-lifemate, playing Mordichi, the philisophical savant.

Because I'm abit more hardcore into the game, my brother was/is occaisinally seeking out my call espicially in a lot of rules/themes issues, which I think is fun but occasinially obstructive to letting the other players know their input is just as valuable, as is a vast difference in our knwoledge of DITV and indie rpgs in general as opposed to them.

It was funny when China's character was hit on by an old lady and was like "oh damn, I knew it." and "I'm used to it. I was an Abyssal." I'm not quite sure if my brother only has NPC's hit on female player's characters or if he just hits on PC's he know won't take them up on it(He knows me too well.), but I found it mildly unfortunate without really being a problem.

The town's goings-on revolved around the steward, Brother Markus. He led a bloody campaign against rampant vice twenty years previous and still periodically murders suspected opposition to his tight grip on the town. Chris' main purpose for the character was challenging the "shoot all the sinners" attitude that was getting thrown around during character creation(Whihc wasn't that present in play). He drew on the character Brother Justin from the HBO series Carnivale for Markus, evidenced by a fruedian slip during play.

The problem came in when Chris was too caught up with trying to have Markus come off as "sinister" and not making effort for Markus making a plea for the Dog's help, which combined with the Dog's being abit reactive and waiting for the NPC's to make their move. The second scene with Markus stalled because of lack of clear motivation on either side, which went something like this:

Mordichi + Markus: Semi-religious smalltalk.

Markus: You, sometimes I -have- to send a message.

Mordichi: Hmm. I see.

Markus: Sometimes people -have- to die.

Mordichi: Hmm. Intereasting.

Most of the action seemed to require prompting from Chris or myself, as I played the character that broke into people's houses and demanding they start getting egalitarian vs. reaction and studying. It got to be a bit of an issue as I felt my character was both getting abit too much spotlight time and seemed to be inching towatrds a leadership posistion which doesn't intereast me. I'm hoping the iniative of the group will gradually raise but I'd appreciate osme advice on jump-starting the process.

With the lack of consistent conflict, there were quite a few scenes that  had a problem with getting everyone's shared attention, espicially with the nifty, recently received Sin City books hanging around. Its pretty par for the course in traditional gaming, but kind of a "humph" moment for me.

Everyone felt mostly posistive about the game, and I'm excited about the game continuing, but I'm definately hoping to work out the kinks and for there to be a few more "breakthrough" moments.