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Wuthering Heights

Started by Tim Denee, March 09, 2002, 01:10:43 AM

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Tim Denee

I've been going through Wuthering Heights in preperation for a game next friday. Two thoughts:
1) The game should be organized into 'books'. You know, 'Book the First', 'Book the Second', and so on.
2) It'd make a great Vampire parody. Despair, rage, angst. All you'd have to do is change the problem table. Not knowing a lot about Vampire, I couldn't tell you what problems'd be on it.

Philippe Tromeur

1/ the text is a bit too short to be organised in books ... (for the moment ...)

2/ in the French version, I've made an kind of goth supplement ( ), and most the rules are based on bad puns over French translations of White Wolf terms, especially for the werewolves (very hard to translate). I've tried to play it once, but I found that the game detracts from the true theme of the game, so I've put the rules aside (they used to be part of the Canon).

The Vampires can be independent, or belong to one "club" : the Clanbouques (Western) or the Bahinaïtes (Eastern).
Their automatic power is Domination over Humans (they have to surpass their Despair to resist) and the other powers are (roll d5, Clanbouques subtract 1, Bahinaïtes add 1) :
0 Great Strength
1 Wizardry (long rituals)
2 Mastery of nocturne animals + transformation into them
3 Lord of the Flies : cling to walls or ceilings
4 Psionics (quick but painful)
5 Demon Summoning (+ a free Demon servant/master)
6 Can live under the sun (other vampires have a 10% to be Wounded every minute)
The character never ages, can gain no K3wL p0w3rz other than Vampire powers, and has got many problems with mirrors, garlic, rivers and the sun.