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[DexCon 8] Replacement GM

Started by TonyLB, July 04, 2005, 05:58:30 PM

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Due to unavoidable pressures, one of our volunteer GMs is unable to attend DexCon 8.  Is there anyone planning to come who can jump in to run a saturday midnight session of The Shadows of Yesterday, with the Rat Moon Rising scenario?  Great game, and a great slot for having folks who aren't going to worry too much if a first-time GM slips on a rule or two.
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Russell Collins

If there is no one else who can run this, I can give it a go. I've played this adventure in a demo at the last con, I've got the rulebook, and I've been GMing for years.

However, if there's anyone else who has GMed SOY specifically, I'll gladly concede to them.

Let me know.
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