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Author Topic: Revised or Rewritten?  (Read 2443 times)

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« on: July 03, 2005, 06:46:04 PM »


I've been comparing the material on the website under the Creative Commons section with the book I actually own.

It appears to me that the game has been seriously rewritten rather than just simply revised.  The core resolution mechanic has gone to purely opposed rolls and the idea of successes has been removed.  Extended vs. Simple Conflicts work more like they do in Shadows of Yesterday rather than like they do in Riddle of Steel.  Endurance points are completely gone.  The way Taint rolls are made is completely changed.  Something called Doom has been added.  Weapons and Armour has been vastly simplifed.  Momentum works completely differently.  Destiny is totally revised. Resources/Relationships have been removed from Cover.

None of this bothers me because frankly the original Conspiracy of Shadows left me kind of cold.  It was strange because by all accounts I should like it but the rule system kind of turned me off.  The new rules however excite me.  They seemed to be shifted away from Behavior Constraints to Behavior Choices, and away from Task and more towards pure Conflict resolution.

After reading the Creative Commons rules I do find myself with a few questions.

1) I see no way to reverse the Taint or Doom process.
2) Horror Checks are mentioned but no rules for them are provided.
3) How Supernatural Threats roll is not explained.  How to Powers work with the Power/Cunning Traits?

Were these left out deliberately from the Creative Commons stuff?

Also I notice that the character sheet you made has no place for Doom or Taint.

Keith Senkowski
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On A Downward Spiral...

« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2005, 09:54:36 AM »

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for taking a look at the new material.  I'm glad that the new rules get you more excited.  I know I'm digging them hardcore.

I kinda put it up on the DL until I have the print copies in hand or should I say in the hands of IPR.  Let's call it a drastic revision.  It has all the same pieces only they interact differently (and some pieces now do what others did before).  The original slowly started to bug me over time and I felt I really needed to mold the game into what I really wanted from the start, but I think was too afraid and lacking in the right skills to do until now.

To answer your questions...

1a) No reversal for Doom.  It is a built-in endgame for the characters.  It isn't necissarily death.  It could be discovering the sister you are trying to save is actually one of them.

1b) The Cleanse Ritual can be used to turn the  tide of corruption for Taint.

2) I accidently left out the Horror rules on the page (they are in the book).  They should be found with the Horror Witchblood power.  I'll post that later today to fix it.

3) Crap.  Looks like I left that out.  Going to have to post it to the web site and add it to the CoS Companion (out for GenCon).

The only thing that should have been left out of the Creative Commons lisence is the setting crap, the expanded Conspiracy Creation Tool-kit (way expanded from the original), the playing/running the game tips, and the how to create a game crap.  The idea is to not screw folks who already own the original (they get new rules for free), but if they want to new original material they got to pony up the cash.  I figured it was the only way to try and please as many people as possible.

Man.  Thanks for pointing out the missing Doom and Taint.  I'll have to fix that tonight and repost.


Conspiracy of Shadows: Revised Edition
Everything about the game, from the mechanics, to the artwork, to the layout just screams creepy, creepy, creepy at me. I love it.
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