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Solo Game of Mythic

Started by Wednesday, July 12, 2005, 11:11:50 AM

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This is an account of a solo game of mythic I played this evening over a period of one and a half hours.  Preperation time included stealing some weapon stats from Space Opera and converting them over, writing up a character and coming up with a vague background story.
Overall I found Mythic to live up to what it claims, the adventure was more coherent and sensical than most painstakingly planned games I've played in other systems and not knowing what was going to happen made it fun.
The account is told first person and is pretty unspecific, the reason being is that because I wasn't playing with anyone else I just imagined most of the stuff and went on - there weren't any conversations to speak of, obviously.  I didn't even name the planet or city, as I figured I had no reason to know them and if I make a campaign setting/play with others I can just fill it in later.  I may rewrite this in a more literary format, but not until I've played a couple more adventures as this one was just sort of an introduction to the character's story.
A basic explanation of the scenario:
Jenkins 5023-1S is a chemist specialising in explosives who is secretly a member of an anti-war rebel society in the capital city of the planet.  The planet is Goverened by Civil Authority, an oligarchich government which does not differentiate branches.  Unbeknownst to Jenkins (at least at the beggining of our story) the rebels have been found out and Civil Authority is closing in on them to have some nice Soviet show trials.
Jenkins has a cybernetic modification which produces nanomachines.  These in turn keep his body unusually fit and give him a heightened regeneration ability.  He is not superhuman (except his healing) but is noticeably very fit.  He got this modification because he expected he might have to fight some day in a rebellion.
A Needle Gun shoots flechettes with a hyper-tense coil (which has to be rewound after a hundred rounds, like a clock, with a specialized power tool.  Can be hand cranked, very time consuming.)  Since it uses no explosives and the flechettes travel at subsonic speeds it is very quite, not audible over ten meters.
A Chit (also known as a Credit or a Gold Note) is a claim on one gram of gold.  A Chit is worth about twenty modern US dollars, although the economics are skewed because this is the future.
One more note: Although Civil Authority can be a nasty bunch of buggers, they are not the Empire.  There is only moderate restriction on the ownership of small firearms and pharmaceutical drugs, sort of like the US in the 50s.  But, like the US in the 50s, Civil Authority is ramping up to engage in a war with it's evil enemy.  And no, I didn't plan this paralell beforehand.  I planned nothing that happens in the following story, I just interpreted events logically, and my logic was modified by random factors.  It was really neat how stuff fell into place.

Civil Authority pounds on my front door with a warrant in my name.  I have little doubt as to what they're here for.
Luckily, I convince them they have the wrong apartment.
I escape through the window wearing a pair of tights, with my concealed Needle Gun and two Chit Cards on me.  The street is unusually crowed, I duck into the crowd and go to a nearby fellow rebel's residence and find it surrounded by the Civil Authority.
I call his residence from a local VidPhone booth and he doesn't answer.  I call the numbers of other rebels I know, none of them answer.
I decide to leave the planet via the spaceport, and go to a nearby Cash Dispensory Machine.  I try to withdraw from my primary account but find it has been frozen.  Luckily I have a numbered account which I withdraw 4k chits from.
A man sees me withdraw the chits and threatens me with a folding razor in a robbery attempt.  I convince him I didn't actually withdraw chits, I withdrew blank deposit cartridges for my employer.  He says he wants me to take him to my employer, since the guy must have a lot of chits to want so many deposit cartridges.
I lead him into an alley nearby where a couple of bums are.  I tell the man that my boss should be here, and he must be running late.  He tells me that I better hope he's here soon, for my sake.
I leap back, trying to escape the reach of his razor, but he manages to take a slash at me before I jump.  He misses and I draw my handgun.  My first shot hits his jacket and doesn't harm him, my second shot leaves my gun jammed.  He attacks and misses again, I manage to unjam my Needle pistol and fire two more rounds which injure him, followed by a third to the head which kills him.  The hobos take off running.
Leaving the alley I begin walking toward the massive spaceport in the city, the largest on the planet.  As I walk I am spotted by two Civil Authority patrolmen in a car, but I dash into an alley and manage to escape.
When I get to the spaceport it is desolate of activity, having been locked down by Civil Authority (presumeably to prevent rebels from escaping them).  I hail down a transport car and pay the driver to take me to a nearby city with an airport.  When I arrive I notice, in the crowd, a beautiful woman named Dodge who was in the same rebel cell as myself.  I go up to her and she tells me that she was caught in our base of operations when the Civil Authority struck.  Luckily she escaped, and brought along our treasury too.  She has over 16k chits.
I explain that we can't leave on a passenger cruiser, because we'd have to go through Civil Authority and show identification and pass retinal scans.  I ask her if she knows any merchants who could smuggle us out as cargo.  She says that she does, a man name Nara who is sympathetic to the rebels and can be trusted.  We manage to sneak in the the airport without being noticed by Civil Authority officers (who are ubiquitous at spaceports) and spot Nara's cargo hauler.  We speak to one of the men loading the ship and he is uncooperative, but Nara's 1st mate Sephta, also a friend of the rebels, spots us and hides us in the cargo hold until Nara arrives.
Nara shows up shortly and tells us to hide in some empty metal bins as he is going to have to undergo inspection shortly.  I thank Nara and tell him that I don't expect him to do this for free, and he assures me that he didn't expect that either.
The inspector arrives and specifically asks what is in the bins we are hiding in, and Nara manages to convince him it is unstable medical supplies which can not be exposed to light, heat or atmosphere.  The man then leaves and we are cleared for launch more rapidly than we were told we would be(a miracle in the beauracracy of Space Traffic Control, probably involving a software bug).
Once in space Nara comes and unlocks the bins and tells us that his first mate, Sephta, will show us to our quarters and then we will discuss matters of Chits.  Until then he has to oversee some matters on the bridge.  Sephta asks us if we want seperate quarters and since I do not know Dodge very well I begin to say yes, but she interrupts me and says that won't be neccesary.  Sephta looks at me with a raised eyebrow and then leads us both to a comfortable suite.
Nara arrives later and says that aside from the extra cost of lifting our mass he will also have to provide false documents and possibly bribe officials at our destination so we can leave the ship.  He explains that, although he is sympathetic and mourns the injustice done to us by Civil Authority, certain things will still cost money which is outside his control.  He estimate the cost at 13k Chits, a good chunk of what both I and Nara have to our names.
The adventure ended here since the goal was to Escape the Civil Authority (which we did by leaving the planet) and no other plot Threads arrived during the session.
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