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Help me analyse this game

Started by droog, July 18, 2005, 12:36:29 AM

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I'm really not sure how to answer this, Travis. I've been well aware since the very first session that I was in a game I didn't care to play in.

In the past, I simply avoided such games by instinct. This time, I decided to stick around and try to understand exactly what was going wrong. Thus, as I have mentioned before, this isn't my problem to be solved by this thread.

I'm not personally interested in being involved in any sort of GM plot railroading, though it's possible that your suggestions might work for the rest of the group. But I'm not about to tell the GM how she should be running her game. Ultimately, it's their problem, and I believe that it will not be resolved but will simply end at such time as the bulk of the group decides to play something else.

I think that this thread is pretty much done for me. Once again, thanks, all.
AKA Jeff Zahari