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Author Topic: Fallout, Followups and Rule Changes  (Read 2059 times)

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« on: July 20, 2005, 09:37:37 AM »

As announced in this thread, Vincent has modified the followup conflict rules somewhat. Before, the players could get a whole bunch of extra dice if they used the Fallout in a followup conflict, rather than assigning it to the NPC. Now, the players have that option, but I think the effectiveness will be somewhat diminished (One extra raise 'for free', rather than potentially a whole bucketload of extra dice).

Vincent suggested to me that I should opt to put the fallout on the NPCs more often, but I still quite like handing back Fallout, for the main reason I stated in the main thread.

When the players know that they could get a big bunch of bonus dice in a followup, it encourages them to set smaller (and hence more Giveable and 'better' stakes, as discussed here). Also, I find it easier (less paperwork, for a start) to do this than to take the Fallout on the NPC, unless it's a lot and I want the Dogs to face what they have done.

Two points, then: What proportion of the time do you give the players followup Fallout dice, and what kind of stakes are they setting?

Also, what impact do you imagine the reduced followup Fallout would have on your group, and what methods would you suggest I use to keep the players calling for reasonable Stakes, if they no longer will get a big 'reward' of extra dice at the end of it?

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