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New policy

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, March 14, 2002, 08:35:57 PM

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Clinton R. Nixon

I have (finally) posted a list of Forge policies. Please read and observe these from now on.

I locked the thread as I want it to stand alone, permanently at the top of Site Discussion. If you wish to comment, do so here.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Jason L Blair

>>We have disabled the feature to have your account "hidden" on The Forge. We do not that that this fits in with the atmosphere of intellectual honesty that we wish to cultivate here.

I believe the second should say "We do think that this fits..."

Overall, I'd say they're pretty fair.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Matt Gwinn

Is it acceptable to discuss non-indie games if the topic of discusion is experimentation with RPG theory learned through the Forge?  For example, I have a thread in the Actual Play Forum about my D&D 3E campaign]Here.  Is this an appropriate thread?  I was wondering about it even before the policy was posted.

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Clinton R. Nixon

Matt -

Most definitely. I should revise that to talk about Actual Play. We're creating and playing games here, and if you're playing something you want to share, that's always welcome.

Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Ron Edwards


I want to emphasize this same point. The only forums that need to maintain that indie-only focus are Review Discussion and Indie Game Design, and even there, people should feel free to mention any game they want for comparative purposes.

Otherwise, D&D3E, Vampire, RoleMaster, whatever, go nuts.