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Author Topic: Villian Priming Players Strife  (Read 2900 times)
Kat Miller

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« on: September 22, 2005, 08:29:40 AM »

Hey I just thought of something after posting to Thor's Actual Play Thread About his WPG game in progress,  after Gming WGp at conventions this year, Ive had several occasions where the player doesn't prime his Strife.  Well the Strife is important to the Villian too.

What about the Villian Priming Hero Strifes in his own enrichment scenes.  The Villian wouln't be able to do it untill after all the players have had atleast one turn of enrichment, but if they have chosen NOT to enrich the one aspect that they had thought was going to be the Focus and most important aspect to the hero for this story arc, then the villian should be able to Prime thses strife in his own inrichment scene to show the readers why the strifed aspects are important to him.

Only the villian with the plan can prime strifes, and if a villian primes your strife then you don't get the bonus card for priming it.
villians wouldn't be able to prime any other aspect on the hero sheet, just the Strive and only if the player has neglected to showcase the strife for us.


kat Miller
Michael S. Miller
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« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2005, 06:08:15 AM »

Well, I'd certainly suggest a little chat first "Why aren't you priming your Strife? You said it was important to you." But if the player doesn't quite get it, or can't think of how to put it in, AND you don't have enough time to change the Strife and the Plan, then this could work.

I'd definitely have the GM draw one card from the Hero Deck when she primes a hero's Strife. She scripted it, therefore she gets the card.

Maybe we'll have the chance to playtest this at Southern Exposure next weekend. But hopefully the situation won't present itself.

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