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[DitV] All Dogs Go to Heaven

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, October 04, 2005, 05:32:03 AM

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Eric Provost

Hiya Mike,

After some deep contemplation on your post, at least partially inspired by a boring hotel room in Huston, I thought I'd come back in to address it from my own point of view.

I think that the possibility of playing multiple deaths of the same character is a viable and highly entertaining option.  Especially if you turn those supernatural dials to 11.  Imagine the ever-returning, ever vigilant, yet tortured angel of the King.  Imagine the hill of graves devoted to the same soul.


I mean, maybe not as an epilogue to a movie.  But hell, how about a prequel or two?

But I get your point.  It's not the story for every character.  Especially not any characters with their dials set to the low-end of the supernatural.  Hell, it's not even for Brother Divid.  The 'death' he'd had before was narration during the follow-up conflict that saved his life.  I lost track of the other fallout that he'd taken, but I do recall the 17d10 and the insane viceral narration that accompanied taking that fallout.  When Lisa insisted that Sister Temperance would try to save Divid's life I just sat back and watched.  He was as good as dead in my mind.  When the dice turned her way and Divid survived I was just surprised.  I took the gun of the man that dealt me the deadly blow as my Experience Fallout; "The Gun that Killed Me 1d8+1d4"

Brother Divid died in that shack in the woods trying to save Sister Temperance's life.  He failed.  Died after she did, so he knew he failed.  Now his story is over.  There won't be any prequels for Divid. 

And I can't wait to author a new Dog.



Quote from: Clinton R. Nixon on October 04, 2005, 05:32:03 AM
You read that right: I killed an entire party of Dogs. Has this happened before, I wonder?
That's probably the second time it's ever been reported.

The first happened in my game:

Mike Holmes

Eric, I'm starting to get what you're talking about with the supernatural part looking at what everyone said. Not that I have a lot of experience with the system, but it seemed a lot less out there from my experience, and I'm seeing that the game Clinton ran really took to those elements. So, given that context, and perhaps a context of playing more games like that (as Lisa talks about), it makes a lot more sense to play a character who might die more than once. I'm still pretty sure that it wouldn't work for me - probably because I just like making up new characters. But I can see how it could work and the character not lose any thematic potential for a player who wanted to play the same character again.

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