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Author Topic: Drawing in Experiences  (Read 2388 times)

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« on: November 21, 2005, 09:27:19 AM »


I'm trying to get right in my head what I've enjoyed most about the Settings I've played in.  I want to understand why I've found certain ones compelling, and others just blah.  What I'd like for this thread is for people to discuss one game they played (like a campaign, not an actual game-book they enjoyed) where the Setting really jumped out and grabbed you.  Then tell me what you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it.  Why did it stick in your memory when so many other things are forgotten?  I'll go first.

The most memorable Setting I ever played in was one I created to GM.  ALl the PCs started off as beggars and it took place in a small hamlet.  There was an angel hiding in the town that had to be returned to heaven, only she didn't know she was an angel.  It was fun to watch the players go from place to place in the town looking for ward, srapping for food, and so on- all the while uncovering the back story of what took place with the angel.

The reason I think I liked it so much was the intamacy of the Setting.  It was small, but deeply developed.  I think I liked the atmosphere of "hopelessness" that was prevalent as the PCs had basically nothing.  Perhaps then it was the struggle I liked so well.  The "overcoming of obstacles" seems especially compelling to me.  It was a most satisfying ending when the PCs did find her and restore her even though the characters themselves received little benefit.

So what's yours? :)



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