[Mexican Standoff] A Party Game for You, Your Friends, & a Pile of Money

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Josh Roby:
Ah, now Stand Down makes sense -- it's how you make peace with one or two other players, and split the pot, coming away with more than you put in.  Nice.

Quote from: xenopulse on November 30, 2005, 03:54:57 PM

But in either case, shooting is better.  If you decide not to shoot, I get either half the money (don't shoot) or all of it (shoot).  If you decide to shoot, I don't get any money either way.  As a rational self-interest maximizer, I am always going to shoot.

So how much are the intangibles (i.e. "I was trustworthy") worth to you, in dollar terms?  I'd peg it at about $10, personally, though it depends on the group I'm keeping company with.  That means I'm likely not to shoot if the pot is $20 or less, and to shoot if the pot is greater than that.


It depends on whether the other players appreciate Stepping On Up as separate from out-of-game life, and how many times I think we'll be playing the game overall.  If the players are all cool with all-out competition, and there's only one game planned, I'll always shoot.  If they confuse my in-game behavior for actual character traits, as in being personally considered more or less "trustworthy" outside of the game because of my in-game actions, I might not shoot, but I wouldn't play competitive games with these people again in the future.  If we're planning on several games, at a certain point, I'd look at the long-term signal I am giving the other players and adjust my shoot/don't shoot behavior accordingly.

Y'know what, I'm really fine with "It depends."  That sounds like that fruitful void thing that all the kids are talking about these days.

Heya Tim,

I too remembered that thread from long ago.  I wrote my own version and submitted it for the November Ronnies (whatever happened to them anyway?).  I really like the idea of having real money on the table to increase tension.  A variant of my game that I thought of was setting it in a Wild West theme where the players all used nickels or quarters instead of Soviet Tokens.  I'd love to see how the tension would rise with a dozen or so coins up for grabs! :)




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