[Mexican Standoff] A Party Game for You, Your Friends, & a Pile of Money

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Eero Tuovinen:
I don't know if this came up in the parent thread, but there already is a card game based on pretty much the same idea: Cash'n Guns. So you should probably check that out. I understand it's a pretty funny game in it's own right, although haven't yet tested it myself.

Matt Machell:
I saw a board/party game game based around a mexican standoff at Essen, and I can't recall much about it, bar the little foam guns that people had and were pointing at each other while grinning manically.

I think it might be a useful comparative tool for this design, so I'll try and do some digging and find out what it was called.


Eero Tuovinen:
That's Cash'n Guns you're talking about, Matt. We had it in Finland after Essen due to some enthusiastic boardgamers.

By a truly amazing coincidence, I just decided to check up on the forge after not visiting for what must be the better part of a year.  I was one of the participants in the original thread.  My life had been pretty crazy for a while, but I have sleeping pills now, and I'm starting to feel a bit better, and maybe I'll actually finish my version of this.

I'm really glad the idea is still around.  And I'm glad you're making it work in a way that players decide when to shoot.  And fairly simple rules - that's good too.  And the money is a really way to put pressure on the players, which I always thought was the key to the game.  Good idea.

The spoons anology is a good one.  The game is all about the guns; the narration is just there to distract you.  Just like spoons is all about the spoons; the cards are just to distract you.  But it has the same problem as spoons.  Pretty soon the players realise they can just ignore the cards completely and just watch the spoons.  With money on the line, I'd pretty much tune out or mail in the narration.  If there were some way to make players pay some attention to the narration, I think it would help.  Maybe people have to thrown in a tenth of the Ante for accidently contradicting an established fact.  But that encourages them to just pass their turn.  I guess I don't have a full solution.


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